checkups / school, camp, employment physicals

Please note that most checkups and routine health screenings are NOT covered by National Health Insurance.

We also highly recommend contacting us prior to arranging an appointment for checkups as content, cost, preparation and time required will vary greatly depending on age, existing medical problems and your needs. Please see here for additional information.


Health examinations and checkups for school, camps, employment and routine physicals are offered at Primary Care Tokyo. We recommend calling the clinic directly to arrange for checkups as we may need to give you specific instructions prior to the visit. We are happy to review any forms prior to your visit to confirm the required tests and procedures.

Most basic screening tests can be performed at the clinic, but we are not able to do gastrointestinal endoscopy or barium studies, CT / MRI scans,  and mammography / breast ultrasound.

employment physicals

In Japan, employers have a legal obligation to offer annual health screenings to their employees. There are minimum requirements for the tests that must be performed and results will need to be submitted to the employer, either directly from the clinic or by the examinee. Employers may specify the facility where testing can take place, so please check with your employer prior to making an appointment. Please see here for the content and price for these standard examinations. 


camp / school physicals

Most summer camp health forms can be completed, including TB skin testing and updating of immunizations if necessary. Forms requiring certification by a U.S. licensed physician can usually be completed.

well baby checks

The typical schedule in Japan is to have visits at 1, 3-4, 6-7. 9-10. 12, and 18 months of age. e offer well baby checkups beginning at 3 months of age. One month checkups are typically completed at the facility where delivery was completed. The  6-7 and 9-10 month checkups are free for residents of the 23 Wards of Tokyo. The 18 month checkup is free for residents of Setagaya Ward only.