Please note that due to the upcoming closure of our clinic on March 23, 2019, we have been reducing our vaccine inventory in order to minimize wastage of unused vaccines. We there recommend that you contact us prior to your visit to confirm availability of specific vaccines.

childhood vaccinations

Recommended vaccines and schedules for childhood vaccinations vary considerably between countries, and there are some vaccines used in other countries that are not approved or widely available in Japan. We import a variety of vaccines and can duplicate the schedule of most other countries if desired.

Most vaccines on the recommended Japanese schedule can be obtained for free or at a subsidized fee based on the municipality of residence. In some cases this requires that the vaccine be administered at a clinic within that municipality. Please check with your local ward or municipal office regarding coverage for these vaccines. Please note that imported vaccines (MMR, 5-in-one e.g.) are not eligible for these subsidies.

Although there are a basic set of vaccines highly recommended by the Japanese government, no vaccinations are required for entrance to day care or to attend schools. For those families temporarily in Japan, we usually recommend trying to complete vaccinations according to the schedule of their native country.  


Please see our vaccine price list for the fees for each vaccine. In general, there are no additional consultation fees for vaccine administration. If other medical conditions are addressed, the usual fees will apply. A WHO International Certificate of Vaccination (yellow booklet)  documenting the vaccinations administered will be provided free of charge if desired.


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